How do I book a class?

Step 1. Log in to your student dashboard and check your lesson credit balance in MY ACCOUNT on your homepage

Step 2. Click on BOOK A LESSON to view your Calendar. Choose the date and time convenient for you to study and practice English.

Step 3. Select the teacher, then click the level of the lesson, the category, the topic you want to study and finish the process by clicking the red button, Book Lesson.

Step 4. You can choose any lesson topic you want. You can decide if you prefer your lessons structured or spontaneous. We have an array of lesson categories like grammar, business, kids, test preparations, and so on. You can also choose Free Talk lessons to practice your conversational English skills.

  • You can cancel any class more than 24 hours before the lesson. You can book and rebook at any time.
  • If you cancel a lesson less than 24 hours before it starts, you forfeit the lesson credit used for the class. We do this to avoid wasting our teachers’ availability.
  • All lessons last 25 minutes.
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