Lessons and Teachers

What type of lessons can I have?

  • You can book individual or private classes, group lessons (with up to four participants), and individual level checks, where you will get an official CEFR score and certificate.
  • Private and group classes require the same number of lesson credits depending on the teacher's tier, while Level Check lessons cost four(4) lesson credits with an Assessor.

What are teacher tiers?

Our teachers at Learntalk are Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 levels. We also have assessors trained to do level assessments for Level Check lessons.

  • Tier 1 (Language Tutors) - charge one credit per 25-minute class
  • Tier 2 (Experienced Instructors) charge two credits per 25-minute class
  • Tier 3 (Professional Teachers) charge three credits per 25-minute class
  • Assessors  - charge four credits per level assessment.

Can I choose a specific teacher?

  • You can take lessons with any teacher or the same teacher in any of your classes.
  • You can search for teachers on your homepage or main dashboard. You can browse and click their photos to view their available teaching hours, ratings, qualifications, skills, experience, number of lessons conducted, number of students, and a short video introduction about themselves.
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