Master Calendar

Master Calendar

The Master Calendar allows Admins to schedule classes in centrally and monitor attendance in real-time.

It is easy to book a lesson. Just find the teacher and select their schedule in the array. You can actually change the date of the array at the top left. 

Once you click on the correct Free Slot (make sure the time is in the future as bookings cannot be made for the past. A booking form will appear and you can select whether you want to create an availability, individual or group booking.

You can also select if it is one-time or weekly.

Make sure you populate your company nad then in the drop-down choose the students you want in the class by selecting their email addresses.

To complete the booking choose the Level of the lesson, category and topic. 

If it is a recurring lesson you will need to select an end date.

If you don't want others to book the availability then you can lock the lesson by sliding over the toggle.

Once a booking is complete you will see it in the calendar. 

If you want to review the details you can click on it and a popup comes up.

You can cancel the booking with or without notifying users or edit it.

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