How to Add Teachers

Adding Teachers

There are a number of ways to add students to your account. 

1. Manual Uploads. You can easily add students manually from your Admin Dashboard by first clicking on Add Students in the top center of the page.

Then you will be able to add their email address, name, any other information about them in Specialty field. Then just submit.

3. Landing Pages Self-Serve Teacher Signup. You can have them sign up to your landing pages which you can customize. Landing page links are found inside the "settings" section under the "information" tab.

The landing page can be easily customized. Below is an example of a bare-bones version without changing the logo or background image. Teachers can sign up themselves right from this link.

4. Embedded Teacher Signup. You can embed your signup and login flows into your existing website.

Go to your Admin Dashboard and click on "Settings" in the sidebar. Then click on the "Embed" tab where you can embed the Student Login, Student Signup and Teacher Signup as shown below:

In order to embed the Teacher Registration form, first change the colors of the text, background and title of the form. Decide whether you want the link to open in a new tab once signed in. Then paste the snippet of code into your Content Management System and publish to see if all is aligned. This is compatible with WIX, Squarespace, Wordpress and pretty much any HTML front end CMS.

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