Admin Dashboard Overview

Admin Dashboard Overview

1. Demo Class Room

Every Admin Dashboard comes equipped with easy access to our demo classroom which you can use to train your teachers or have team meetings.

Demo classroom looks as follows once you are inside. You can host up to 16 people at once.

2. Adding Students & Teachers Manually. 

3. Account Balances. Top left you can see the total number of active accounts as well as the amount that they have paid you through the platform in aggregate.

4. Student Credit Breakdown. Overall breakdown of how many credits have been added to your students and how many of those credits have been consumed.

5. Lessons over the last week. Check the activity and attendance of your users over the last week here and then do a deep dive by clicking on See More Usage Statistics below.

6. CFER Scores. We also provide a summary of CEFR scores if you are using our ESL platform and white label teaching resources which come with CEFR level checks. See bottom right panel.

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