Student Information

Student Information

Student data is available at your fingertips. Inside the Admin dashboard click on "Students" page in the sidenav and you can see all the data of your students.

In the table, you can see what plans my students have selected, how many credits they have, how many lessons they have booked and how many have been attended. If you want a bit more granularity you can expand the hidden columns by clicking the plus signs.

Once the columns are unhidden you will be able to see more detail about each student.

If you want to do a deeper dive into a specific student you can view feedback which is an overview of all previous lessons for that particular student. 

Each student also has their own admin profile which you can enter by clicking "View Student".

Inside the admin student profile you can do a number of things. You can renew or update the existing plan the student is signed up for or you can just make the Unlimited and be able to book as many lessons as they wish.

If you want to access the student account directly, you can copy and paste their auto login link into another browser. So that you are not kicked out of your admin account, we recommend that you paste it into a browser in "private" or "incognitor" mode.

If you require API information or authentication then you can copy and paste the tokens from the student profile. 

You can also easily delete any user in case they are no longer studying with you or if their information is incorrect.

If you want to view or add credits you can see the tables below and click on the "Add Credits" button which brings up a modal allowing you to add more credits.

For information about Booked Lessons or lessons that have occurred, you can see the data about attendance here under these two tabs.

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